Workshops for Groups

I run workshops for groups, several of which have invited me back for a more advanced session, and/or recommended me to other groups.

I'm happy to run a workshop for all kinds of groups: established textile groups; a group of friends wanting some fun together for a day, maybe celebrating a 'big' birthday or some other major event. My workshops could also be a great team-building day. Just get in touch and I'd be really happy to discuss the options.

I have three full-day botanical contact printing workshops which can be combined or extended into a two-day workshop


An Introductory Workshop: The Secrets of Leaves

Full Day

This addresses the basic principles and practice of botanical contact [‘eco’] printing. Participants print samples, followed by a stack of papers and a piece of silk or cotton/linen cloth large enough for a small scarf [or equivalent]. Items are processed by steaming or simmering. No additional dye stuffs are added. 


The Secrets of the ‘Dirty Pot

Full Day

This can either be an introductory or intermediate workshop. Fabric and papers are processed in a ‘dirty’ pot rich in tannins [normally eucalyptus or onion skins] and iron. Participants normally print a piece of wool or silk large enough for a small scarf, a stack of papers and some cotton/linen.


Colour with Botanical Contact [‘Eco’] Printing

Full Day

Building on the principles and practice learnt in the introductory workshop, this intermediate workshop explores the different ways of applying natural dyes in botanical contact [‘eco’] printing, and the modification of their colour. Participants normally print two pieces of silk or cotton large enough for small scarves or equivalent



I can also offer half- or full day workshops on natural dyeing

Group Workshop Fees

My group workshop fee is £275 for groups of up to eight, and £10 per person thereafter up to a maximum of 12 [£315]. This includes the significant time I take beforehand to carefully prepare materials to be ready for botanical printing. 
If I come to your choice of venue, I normally charge mileage of 50p per mile for the first 100 miles and 10p per mile thereafter, plus any toll fees. 

Materials can be supplied

Besides foliage, all dyes stuff and mordants required for the workshop, I can supply fabric and paper prepared ready for printing. Depending on the fibres included, such packs normally costs £20 - £30 per person. This is particularly useful for one-day workshops, in which time is of the essence. 

Workshop Participants Have Said

"We definitely were all shining brightly from the inside out, thanks to the beauty and magic you shared with us. Still beaming here! Thank-you so very much for the rich and wonderful day. It was such a pleasure to meet you!...... I am very excited to attend the class you're offering in July."