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Maggie Pearson

Textile Artist - Botanical Contact Printing & Natural Dyes

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I'm Maggie, a textile artist living and practising in Liverpool. My main method is botanical contact printing [also known as "eco" printing], using local leaves with natural dyes to design and create unique and sustainable hand printed designs on natural fibres. I work on both fabric and paper. My inspiration is drawn from Liverpool's rich natural environment and green spaces, and their botanical diversity.

I'm passionate about sustainability, and particularly about challenging the social and environmental havoc that the textile and fashion industries are wreaking on our planet by using and promoting alternative, environmentally friendly and socially just methods. 

Have a good rummage here, and if you don't find quite what you are looking for here, please drop me an email. I'd be really happy to discuss how I can help you find what you're seeking.


Each of my unique pieces is individually designed and hand made with love and care, using natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. I strive to use organically and ethically produced materials, including upcycled items wherever possible. I make many of my own natural dyes and as far as possible, source my materials from small and ethical businesses. 

I bundle locally grown flowers and leaves with natural fibres, and then steam them over water, or simmer them in a dye bath, to extract the plant pigments and transfer them permanently to the natural fibres to create my individual prints. I also make and use natural dyes, and print with rust and indigo.

Besides indulging my passion to create new work, I love introducing others to the joys of sustainable printing with plants and natural dyes, through my introductory and more advanced workshops in person and in online coursesCome and join me on one of those! 
I also regularly undertake commissions. If you are looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, but don't quite find here something that inspires you, or it's already sold in the shop, please contact me to discuss how I can help you find something that's right for you, from my existing stock, or by making something special and bespoke.  

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Besides the stock in my shop here, you can find my creations at:

Lark Lane, LIVERPOOL 17