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Large shawl, 100% fine wool, hand printed with Eucalyptus Parvifolia from my garden and chestnut catkins from my neighbourhood [SC231].


The luxurious wool/silk shawl has been hand printed sustainably and with love by bundling the Eucalyptus Parvifolia leaves and chestnut catkins tightly with the wool and simmering in my trusty fish kettle in a dye bath of cotinus [smoke bush] leaves, eucalyptus bark and iron.


The heat and moisture releases the eucalyptus pigments and tannins, which migrate to the wool fibres. The wool captures the dye under its tiny scales, which close on cooling. The prints are light- and wash-fast because the eucalyptus and catkins have high tannin content, and this combines with the iron to create a permanent print. 


Only natural materials are used.. It's pure natural magic!


The wool shawl is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.. it's an ideal accessory which keeps the sun off your shoulders or fends off those chilly draughts.


It is just perfect to add to daytime clothes for an evening out and would make a perfect gift for someone special.. including you.


Measures 180 cm x 70 cm.


Packaged in elegant ecofriendly By Maggie Naturally presentation box made from upcycled materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

Large Wool/Silk Shawl Hand Printed with Eucalyptus & Catkins [SC231]

  • Hand wash in warm water (30 degrees C) with soap only

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