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This striking, one-of-a-kind zipped pouch is made wholly from upcycled fabrics: waste yellow upholstery fabric, a botanical print on my pre-loved linen trousers, a pre-loved cotton dress lining. Accent top stitching is in navy blue. 


The botanical contact ['eco'] print was created  by hand, by tightly rolling foliage with fabric pre-treated with metal salts, then steamed or simmered so that the plant pigments are transferred to the fabric. Each print is totally unique. 


There are two small patch pockets inside the pouch, integral to the cotton lining, in which you can keep precious items secure. 


Dimensions: 26cm  wide, 18 cm high, 5 cm deep.


Can be sent First Class UK post. International postage rates on request.  


Yellow upcycled zipped pouch with botanical print [ZP10]

  • Full refund if returned unused within 14 days

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