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Luxurious silk habotai  scarf/shawl,  created wholly with sustainable natural fibres and natural dyes. Hanrdprinted by immersion in a 'dirty pot' with brown onion skins and chestnut catkins [SC238].


Fabulously versatile and elegant, you can wear this wonderfully soft scarf/shawl in a variety of ways.. during the day with casual clothes, or as a shawl in the evening for that special night out. 


In creating this scarf/shawl, the  luxurious habotai silk was soaked in  vinegar/water solution, to accentuate the pigements' vibrance. After placing the the onion skins, the shawl was bundled up tightly round a copper pipe and then immersed in a 'dirty' dye pot of euclayptus bark and leaves, red onion skins, vinegar and water.  Some pieces of iron were also added. 


It was then simmered in my trusty fish kettle for 90 minutes to release and fix the onion skin  and chestnut catkin pigments. The tannins in pigments combine with the iron to create light- and wash-fast colour.  


Due to the individual nature of the hand crafted process by which these unique scarves are made, the precise details of the scarf design and colour tone may vary slightly from this photograph.


Approx 185cm x 45cm.


Packaged in an elegant, ecofriendly By Maggie Naturally presentation box.



Silk Habotai Scarf/Shawl hand printed with onion skins [SC238]

  • Hand wash in warm water (30 degrees C) with mild soap. 

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