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Elegant scarf in peace silk habotai, made by hand with sustainable methods and materials. Hand dyed with green tea and iron solution, and handprinted with ferns from my garden [SC249].


The ‘peace’ silk is harvested after the silk worms have fed on organic mulberry trees in Hertfordshire UK, and metamorphosed from their cocoons into moths, avoiding the violent process of mass produced silk.


The peace silk was soaked overnight in green tea.  It was then covered with the ferns and bundled carefully with a carrier blanket of iron solution,  before steaming in my trusty fish kettle for 70 minutes. The plant pigments mobilise in the heat and moisture, transfer to the scarf and fix due to the interaction of the green tea and the iron.


Scarf measures approx 130 x 30cm.


Presented in environmentally friendly cardboard presentation box.

Peace Silk Scarf Hand Dyed with Green Tea & Hand Printed with Ferns [SC249]

  • Wash separately by hand with mild soap ONLY in warm water [30C]. Do NOT use detergents.

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