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Medium sized food wrap, made sustainably from upcycled cotton [household linen] and waxed with soy wax. 


A reusable alternative to cling film/plastic wrap.


Dyed by hand either with indigo or with onion skins.


Available in two designs: crinkle shibori or ne-maki [tied] shibori, in both of which the cloth is manipulated so that the dye varies in its penetration of the cloth.  


Approx size 31cm x 31cm.


NB: Do not use with hot food or in midscrowave

        Do not use with rawvmeat or fish


Medium Waxed Vegan Food Wrap, Upcycled Cotton [WW1]

  • Use warmth of your hands to mould wrap round food or jar top.
    Do not expose to heat or microwave. 
    Do not use on raw fish or meat.
    Wipe clean with soap & cold water.
    Refresh wax by ironing with greaseproof paper on top or place in 100C oven on greaseproof paper for 5-10 minutes.

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