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Handprinted, handmade botanically 'eco' printed cushion cover and cushion pad [CU01].


The hemp linen upper side was botanically 'eco' printed sustainably, by steaming in my trusty fish kettle with horse chestnut, catalpa, sumac and japanese acer leaves and hand dyed with logwood.


The heat and moisture in the botanical  'eco' printing process released the plant pigments and transferred them to the hemp cloth which was prepared with aluminium acetate mordant and a light iron  solution. The logwood dye was applied by a 'carrier' blanket.


I prefer to work with hemp because it is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres available and its cultivation has a relatively low environmental impact compared to cotton. 


The grey under side of the cushion cover was made from waste furnishing fabric [probably polyester of some sort] which would otherwise have gone to landfill. Whilst I normally use only natural fibres [and definitely for 'eco' printing],  I use waste furnishing fabrics in my cushion covers and other homewares on the principle that the most sustainable fabric is that which we already have, and its use prevents it going to landfill. 


The cushion pad is filled with recycled polyester.


Measures  50 cm [19.75 inches] square.

Logwood & horse chestnut cushion [large] [CU01]

  • Wash separately in warm, [30 degrees C] water with SOAP only.

    Avoid detergents which will damage the natural plant pigments. Do not odry clean.

    Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

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