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Fine, pure wool etamine scarf, hand printed with Eucalyptus Parvifolia from my garden and windfall chestnut catkins from my neighbourhood [SC192].  


The wool was soaked in vinegar solution, then bundled up with the leaves and catkins and simmered with a great deal of love in my trusty fish kettle in a dye bath of eucalyptus bark, onions skins and iron, for a couple of hours. This enabled  the eucalyptus and catkin pigments and tannins to be mobilised and transfer across to the wool fibres, which were also dyed around the edges by the  bath. 


This is a light but beautifully warm which hugs the neck well to keep out breezes and draughts, and brightens up any dreary winter day.


Measures approx 140cm x 33cm.


Packaged in an elegant, ecofriendly By Maggie Naturally presentation box.


Fine wool etamine scarf hand printed with Eucalyptus Parvifolia [SC192]

  • Hand wash in warm water (30 degrees C) with mild soap. 

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